Saturday, October 20, 2007

Removing the Fireplace

There is actually a man standing on top of the block. There are 5 courses and solid cement poured down the middle. It would only have taken the man a couple of hours to remove the cement blocks except that the bozo who built it used 4" galvanized nails to reinforce the block. They were hammered in a grid with the nails being less than 1/4" apart. Rebar would have been easier to move. This room only had electric baseboard heat and the heaters did not work. The fireplace was unsafe so we are removing it and replacing it with a pellet stove. We have another pellet stove in the living room that we installed last year and our propane furnace did not kick on at all. We spent $300 on pellets for heat last year. This year we were able to purchase the pellets wholesale and will save quite a bit more. Tomorrow will be spent cleaning up the cement dust which is covering everything in the addition. Once the room is finished it will be the girls school/play room.

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Cary at Serenity Farms said... you have me thinking about what to do with my old fireplace that is no longer safe to use!